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House Extensions for Every Budget

Self Build Home
The price of house extensions can vary massively, depending on the scale of the project, where it is, your location and how you’d like to embellish it. That’s why this month Neil Sullivan will be delving into the whole spectrum of home extensions and what you can expect to get for your budget. 

How much does a home extension cost?

Depending on where you live in the UK, the cost of a home extension will vary depending on the labour costs of your area. 

  • £1,500 – £1,900 per SM for a basic extension
  • £1,900 – £2,200 per SM for a moderate extension
  • £2,200 – £2,400 per SM for an elaborate extension

House extensions for every budget:

  • Simple room-in-loft conversion
    A typical 90m² three bed terraced house is likely to cost you £1,000 per square metre. This will build a reasonably sized double room with the potential for a small en suite. 

It’s likely that a project like this would not need planning permission but of course, would have to obey building regulations. 

dormer loft extension.

  • Above-garage room extension
    For those looking to build an above-garage extension, the price will vary between £20,000 and £30,000. Which is in fact, cheaper than building a ground-floor extension because it doesn’t require new foundations. To build a room above a single garage can cost around £900 – £1,500 per square metre.

    Due to the fact that you are building an entire room and could be blocking potential sunlight from other houses (right to light), planning permission is likely to be required for an above-garage room extension.  
  • Single-storey side or small back extension
    To transform your home into something bigger and more spacious, a single-storey side or small back extension can be just what you need to enhance your lifestyle. This is a nice way to open up a kitchen or living area and the perfect spot to entertain friends.

    This type of extension suits budgets upwards of £20,000 to build a single-storey or small extension of 20m², which would cost between £1,050 and £1,450 per square metre. 

Single-storey side or small back extension

  • Garden room
    If space is what you’re in need of a garden room might just be the answer. A garden room can work well as a home office, child’s playroom, gym or as an outdoor dining area.

    The size of a garden room depends on the space you have available, the budget you have to work with and the complexity of your plans. DIY modular kits can cost between £2,000 and £30,000 but for a bespoke garden house extension, you’ll be looking towards £800 and £1,600 per square metre. 
  • Double garage conversion with living space
    If you’re looking to invest in an attached double garage conversion with a size of 28m²  – it’ll cost you between £850 and £1,050 per metre squared. To then attach this new building to your home, you will need to knock out the partition wall and install a rolled steel joist, which means you need to add another £5,000 to your budget. 

Double garage conversion with living space

  • Glazed extension
    For an elegant glass extension, you can expect to pay between £50,000 and £90,000. This type of extension looks great with all styles of buildings both new and old, and is a great feature that’ll work well overlooking your garden. It’s likely that you’ll be paying around £3,000 to £4,000 per square metre. A big budget is likely to achieve something measuring between 15 and 20m². 

Extending Vs Moving

To avoid the stressful upheaval of moving home, many homeowners turn to extensions and self builds because it is a great opportunity to reinvest money back into your home and potentially, raise its value.

What type of extension is best for me?

This all depends on your budget and what you want to use your extension for, if it’s to extend your living area, then you may wish to invest in a single-storey side or small back extension, garden room or a glazed extension. However, if you’re wanting to increase your bedroom options, you may wish to consider room-in-loft conversions, above-garage extensions or double garage conversions with living space. 

If you need commercial concrete or domestic concrete for self-build or extensions, call Neil Sullivan & Sons today. We have a wealth of experience within the industry and have been providing quality mixes to all types of clients for years. For more information about our products and delivery services, call our friendly team today. We operate throughout Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend and beyond.