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What is Gen 1 Concrete Grade?

For those not involved in the concrete business, all concrete probably seems much the same. However, as the most common man-made material on the planet, concrete is called on to carry out an enormous number of different construction jobs in both domestic and commercial settings. And each application needs just the right kind of concrete mix in order to get the best possible results.

General use concrete (Gen) is used for housing and non-structural building applications and is graded into four categories according to its strength. The categories run from Gen 0, which is the weakest, to Gen 3 being the strongest, and it’s essential that you use the right grade for your particular application. Your concrete needs to be strong enough to safely bear the load that’s going to be going on top of it, but you don’t just want to mix the strongest grade for every application either.

Gen 1 concrete is one of the most versatile of all concrete mixes and has many applications for both domestic and general building use. These include:

  • Drainage
  • Trench filling
  • Void and cavity filling
  • Non-reinforced foundations
  • Haunching and backing
  • Kerbing
  • Blinding domestic flooring
  • Pad foundations
  • Some agricultural applications

Gen0 & ST1 Concrete Mix

Gen 1 concrete reaches a strength of 10 Newtons per square millimetre (N/mm2) at 28 days.

Please note that Gen 1 concrete should not be used externally unless it has been completely covered or encased to protect it.

Types of concrete used in construction

As mentioned, Gen 1 concrete is just one of four mixes used in general building and domestic applications. The others are:

  • Gen 2 concrete – commonly used for domestic flooring, paving and pathways, strip footings and foundations for walls, conservatories and sheds. Strength: 15N/mm2.
  • Gen 3 concrete – generally used for foundations and domestic applications, including foundations for walls and single storey structures, shed bases, internal floor slabs, paths, patios and driveways. Strength: 20N/mm2.

For more heavy-duty applications, take a look at the Standardised Prescribed Concrete (ST) and Commercial (C) grade concrete mixes available from our online store.

Gen3 & C15 Concrete Mix

If you’re not sure which is the best concrete grade for your particular application, the experts at Neil Sullivan & Sons are here to help. We’ve got many years of experience in the concrete services business, making all kinds of ready-mix concrete for customers in and around East Anglia and East London. Whatever the mix you need, we can deliver it directly to your site for when you need it, so your construction project can proceed smoothly and in line with your schedule.

Alternatively, you can always collect your mix from our Wickford site if that is more convenient. Just call us to let us know exactly what you need and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you. 

Get in touch with us for more information or advice about our speedy concrete delivery and collection services, or order your concrete online now.