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Types Of Mixes

We have an extensive selection of concrete blends available, ensuring we have the perfect mix for your requirements!

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Types Of Mixes

Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons we have a wide variety of concrete and screed types, all suitable for a selection of environments, purposes and applications. Here are just some of the different types we have and what they are used for – all of which can be mixed and blended by our specialists.


Plasticiser is used to soften the mix before it hardens. It does not affect the finished product but, instead, increases its workability before it has set, ensuring a flexible, highly durable, improved finish which is much less likely to shrink, crack or bleed. Multi-functional, it has excellent slump retention and offers an incredibly high performance concrete.

Concrete Fibres

An alternative system to traditional reinforcement, concrete fibres improve resistance to cracking, improve water-tightness and offer an aesthetically pleasing finish. Incredibly durable, the fibres reduce shrinkage and settlement cracking, reinforcing the surface against shattering and impact forces, as well as abrasion and water-migration.


Formulated from phosphates, our retarder temporarily stops the chemical hydration of concrete, resulting in a retarded concrete which is much more durable. It has a high resistance to segregation and reduces the likelihood of bleeding. It also benefits from higher initial and ultimate compressive strengths.

Screed Fibres

Our screed fibres contain no reprocessed olefin materials and are specifically designed to reinforce screed to add increased early stage strength. The fibres increase cohesion, reducing the risk of segregation and bleeding. They also inhibit cracking and are extremely resistant to shrinking, abrasion and impact. Our fibres are incredibly tough and durable, and can even reduce freeze and thaw damage.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can assess your individual requirements, suggesting the most appropriate and beneficial blend for your specifications. Simply give us a call today to discuss your needs in more detail!

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Top soil & Aggregates

If you are in need of aggregates for your construction, home improvement or gardening work, we have exactly what you need. We understand that everyone’s needs vary depending on the project that is being undertaken, so we supply a range of aggregates that are designed to cater for your specific requirements.

Top Soil Aggregates

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