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Aggregate Bulk Bags & Jumbo Bag Deliveries

When you need large quantities of aggregates or topsoil delivered to your site in and around Essex, East Anglia and East London, Neil Sullivan & Sons offers the possibility of having them delivered either in bulk bags or as a loose load.

Bulk Bags Delivery by Tipper Truck

There are a number of reasons for providing this choice, and in this article we’re going to examine why bulk bags can often be the most convenient option for many of our customers working on construction and landscaping projects.

But before we look at the particular advantages of bulk bags and jumbo bag deliveries, let’s take a quick look at exactly what they are. 

What are bulk bags?

Bulk bags, also commonly referred to as jumbo bags, are a convenient means of delivering aggregates and topsoil in quantities of about 850kg. Made out of woven polypropylene and equipped with handles to make them easy to lift and transport, they are immensely strong and fully recyclable. They are also watertight, so ideal for storing materials safely in all weathers.

You can find out more about the development and history of bulk bags and jumbo bags in this earlier article.

Why might bulk bags be the right choice for you?

  • Space – when you empty a lorry load of loose aggregates, it’s almost impossible to stop them from spreading out over a wider area than you might have space for. Bulk bags keep your aggregates and topsoil in one compact and convenient location.
  • Flexibility – you may not need your aggregates or topsoil in just one part of your site. If you need to use some in a different area, it’s far easier to move a bulk bag to where it’s needed than it is a pile of loose sand or gravel.
  • Access – if you have a loose load delivered, you might think you’ve selected a sensible place for it to be stored, but what if plans change and suddenly it’s in the way? Using a bulk bag means you can always quickly lift and shift it when you need to.
  • Convenience – delivery of a loose load could restrict you as to where you can store your aggregates or topsoil, because it will depend on where the lorry can actually get to in order to unload it – and that may not be where you need it! Delivery by bulk bag makes it far easier for your delivery to go exactly where you need it, no matter how hard it is to get to.


Of course, it’s not just topsoil and aggregates such as MOT type 1 granite, shingle, sand and slate that we deliver. We’re also a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete to commercial and residential customers across our local area. And, in all cases, you can always collect your supplies from our Wickford yard if that’s more convenient for you or if you need your supplies extremely quickly.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about aggregates, topsoil and concrete delivery from Neil Sullivan & Sons, or you can place your order online now.