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What Are Planings?

There are many different types of aggregates available, and in most cases the names they are given – such as sand, shingle, granite and gravel – mean that it’s fairly obvious what they are. You might also stand a pretty good chance of working out one or two practical uses for them all without too much prompting.… Read More

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Aggregate Bulk Bags & Jumbo Bag Deliveries

When you need large quantities of aggregates or topsoil delivered to your site in and around Essex, East Anglia and East London, Neil Sullivan & Sons offers the possibility of having them delivered either in bulk bags or as a loose load. There are a number of reasons for providing this choice, and in this… Read More

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What’s the Difference Between Gravel & Shingle?

Aggregates come in all shapes, sizes and forms, but it’s not always easy to know the difference between one sort or another. And once you do, it’s not necessarily obvious why some are good for some applications but others aren’t, when to all extents and purposes they look and feel so similar. Gravel and shingle… Read More

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How to Use Grey Granite in the Garden

Aggregates are among the most multifunctional and versatile groups of products in the landscaping and construction world. With their use as a large part of concrete – usually about 60-80% of the final mix – and as foundations for roads, bridges and buildings, they’re one of the most commonplace yet least visible materials around. Aggregates also… Read More

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The History of Bulk Bags & Jumbo Bags

One of the things about aggregates is that they’re not always the easiest things to deliver. If you’ve ordered large amounts for a big construction or landscaping project, it’s not so bad – you can simply load it up loose into a lorry and tip it out at the other end. But when you only want… Read More

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How to Lay Railway Sleepers in the Garden

Railway sleepers have become an increasingly popular feature in many gardens over recent years, and that popularity shows no signs of waning anytime soon. That’s not really a surprise, because not only do they add a pleasing combination of structure and rustic charm, but they’re also phenomenally versatile. Another great advantage is that, as long… Read More

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Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

There are lots of ways to improve the look of your garden or other outside space. Some of these take a considerable amount of technical skill and a lot of effort. Others are more straightforward to implement, and decorative aggregates definitely fall into this latter category. After all, what could be simpler than taking a… Read More

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How To Choose The Right Shed Base

If you’ve decided to build a shed on your property, you’ll likely have a firm idea of what you want to use it for: an office space, storage for tools and equipment, perhaps a workshop. However, one important aspect of a shed that might be overlooked or underappreciated by those without specialist knowledge is the… Read More

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Aggregates Explained

In order to learn more about concrete and its properties, we must first take a look at aggregates to understand the role it plays in giving concrete it’s all-too familiar characteristics and properties, making it such a reliable material to work with. What are aggregates? Aggregates are rock or mineral fragments that come in all… Read More



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