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Renovations That Don’t Need Planning Permission

Over the last few years, the government has been endeavouring to reduce the amount of red tape that is used to stop homeowners and developers from improving and extending their properties. As a result, more home improvement and construction projects than ever can be completed under permitted development rights (PDR), thus avoiding the delays and… Read More

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Does Landscaping Add Value to a UK House?

UK property prices are continuing to rise across the board, although the coronavirus pandemic has meant that some properties are attracting more interest than others. All that time spent locked down means that those lucky enough to have them are more appreciative of their gardens than ever before, while for potential buyers outdoor space of… Read More

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ICONS House Zero Unveiled (3D Printed)

A few years ago, it looked like 3D printing was about to become the next big thing. News stories appeared telling us how it was soon going to be possible to make everything from guns to car parts from the comfort of our home at the touch of a button.  For many of us, the… Read More

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House Extensions for Every Budget

The price of house extensions can vary massively, depending on the scale of the project, where it is, your location and how you’d like to embellish it. That’s why this month Neil Sullivan will be delving into the whole spectrum of home extensions and what you can expect to get for your budget.  How much… Read More

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A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Build Systems

One of the most crucial issues you have to contend with when starting a selfbuild project is settling on the type of build system you’ll use. Almost every single aspect of your project will be affected by this key decision, from cost to construction time, layout to energy efficiency and everything in between. Making the… Read More

Neil Sullivan & Sons

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Self-build Homes

Self-build homes are becoming increasingly popular, not only because they allow those looking to buy the opportunity to build their dream home tailored to suit their requirements, but also because nowadays property prices are constantly on the rise, making attaining a reasonably priced home very difficult. This is especially true in areas like London where… Read More



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