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Does Landscaping Add Value to a UK House?

UK property prices are continuing to rise across the board, although the coronavirus pandemic has meant that some properties are attracting more interest than others. All that time spent locked down means that those lucky enough to have them are more appreciative of their gardens than ever before, while for potential buyers outdoor space of any kind is increasingly desirable.

landscaped garden uk

So it seems that any garden or outdoor space, whatever its size or condition, is going to give you a head start when it comes to selling your home; but would it be worth the time and money getting it landscaped and so potentially making it even more desirable to buyers? 

We’ve all heard how extensions, loft and garage conversions, new kitchens and conservatories can add value, but how does the land lie when it comes to making significant improvements to your garden?

Here’s the good news…

A recent study by Post Office Money showed that of all home improvements, landscaping a garden not only comes in cheaper than alternatives, it also adds considerably more value.

The study took several popular home improvements and over a five-year period analysed the average cost and increased value of each. They found that:

  • Conservatories cost about £9,000 with around  10% added value as a result
  • A new kitchen could cost £7,500 and add 26%
  • Extensions cost an estimated £80,000 and can add approximately 37% in value
  • A home gym can cost about £10,000 and add 44% to your home’s value

Meanwhile, garden landscaping costs an estimated £2,750 but could add a whopping 77% to the value of the property. What you do with your garden naturally matters – other research shows that most buyers are more likely to be tempted by gardens requiring little maintenance. Other features that are going to tempt potential buyers include things that provide added storage, security and practicality – which means that sheds, quality paving and strong fencing should all be considered a worthwhile investment.

Of course, landscaping your garden isn’t just about making money in the long run, it’s also about creating the sort of outdoor space you want to spend time in, so unless you’re going for a fast buck, don’t forget to find the time to create the right balance between what you want and what might appeal to others.

Having said all that, a landscaped garden isn’t a guaranteed gateway to a more valuable home; you still need to take into account local property prices and determine whether anyone’s likely to want to pay that much more in your area before getting too carried away.


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