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Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

There are lots of ways to improve the look of your garden or other outside space. Some of these take a considerable amount of technical skill and a lot of effort. Others are more straightforward to implement, and decorative aggregates definitely fall into this latter category.

After all, what could be simpler than taking a large bag of bark, gravel or chippings and just emptying it wherever you want it? If you want to do it properly, then perhaps you might also give it a quick rake to level it all out – job done!

Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping : Before

Naturally, it’s nothing like as straightforward as that. There’s plenty to consider before you pick up the nearest bag of aggregates and tip it randomly on the nearest flower bed or pathway.

Firstly, decorative aggregates come in quite a range of colours and sizes, so apart from anything else you’ll be wanting to make sure everything fits together to create an aesthetically pleasing whole.

Secondly, different aggregates work better in different applications – there are some you would use on a driveway and some you wouldn’t, and the same goes for flower beds, pathways and around ponds and other water features.

Let’s take a look at some of the decorative aggregates available from Neil Sullivan & Sons and see what landscaping applications they’re particularly useful for.

Slate Chippings

One of the great advantages of slate chippings is that they look fantastic when they’re wet – that makes them one of the best choices for use around ponds. They also help prevent sediment from getting washed into the water, making them doubly useful in this regard.

Another benefit of slate chippings is that they’re great for reducing weed germination and that’s something that we can all appreciate. Meanwhile, because slate is one of the more durable aggregates, it’s also a good choice for use on projects you expect to be long-term or even permanent features.

Stone Chippings

Our Cotswold chippings are among the most popular decorative aggregates around and certainly fulfil the decorative part of this aggregates survey – they’ll add an attractive brightness to any pathway, border or planting area you put them in. 

Like many of our decorative aggregates, wherever you spread them, these stone chippings will of course also stop light getting through to the soil below, which means they’ll play a big part in preventing weeds from getting a foothold.

10mm and 20mm Shingle

While certainly not missing out on the decorative front, our shingle is particularly good for use on pathways and driveways. That’s because its shape – which is angular rather than rounded – ensures that it will compact down nicely and stay where you want it to, despite all the foot and tyre traffic it has to undergo. 

Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping: After

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the size you choose matters as well. If you use anything too small on a driveway, it’ll end up getting caught in the treads of your car’s tyres. You can just about get away with using the 10mm – you certainly wouldn’t want to use anything smaller – but you’ll generally be better off going for the larger option.

Conversely, the smaller variety – often referred to as pea shingle – is usually a better option for pathways as the smaller stones will be more comfortable for you to walk on.

When it comes to reliable aggregate services, make Neil Sullivan & Sons your supplier of choice. With rapid aggregate delivery or, when you really can’t wait, aggregate yard collections from our base in Wickford, Essex, we’re always there to help you. Contact us today to find out more.