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The History of Bulk Bags & Jumbo Bags

One of the things about aggregates is that they’re not always the easiest things to deliver. If you’ve ordered large amounts for a big construction or landscaping project, it’s not so bad – you can simply load it up loose into a lorry and tip it out at the other end.

Neil Sullivan & Sons Single Jumbo Aggregate bag being lifted

But when you only want a relatively small amount – just a couple of tonnes, for example – using a whole tip-truck to deliver it loose is incredibly inefficient.

That’s where bulk bags come in.

Bulk bags, jumbo bags and FIBC

First off, bulk bags are known by a number of names, and different countries, businesses and industries tend to use different terms to describe what is essentially the same thing. So, if you are wondering what a bulk bag is, but you know exactly what we’d mean if we referred to a jumbo bag or an FIBC, then you can rest assured that there isn’t much – if any – difference.

FIBC, incidentally, stands for ‘flexible intermediate bulk containers’, which neatly sums up what they are.

The history of bulk bags

There isn’t really any firm evidence of when bulk bags came into use, but it seems to have been somewhere around the 1950s. The original bags were generally made out of nylon or polyester sheets that were coated with PVC and welded together. They were effective, efficient and could carry quite a lot of weight, but were expensive to make given their relatively mundane function.

Today’s bags are made out of the far more cost-effective woven polypropylene and have a capacity of about 1000kg that makes them strong enough to be used time and time again. But that’s not the only benefit of the modern bulk bag, because they are also recyclable and watertight – this latter feature being particularly useful when transporting things like sand.

It is estimated that upwards of 100 million bulk bags are sold each year worldwide, being used in a wide range of industries and sectors, showing just how essential they have become.

Bulk bags from Neil Sullivan & Sons

Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons, we use bulk bags to deliver a number of products used in construction and landscaping, including a wide range of aggregates, sharp and builders sand, topsoil and play bark.

Each filled bag weighs about 850kg and if you want to order some, we’ll be able to deliver it within two working days, or even the next working day if you can get your order in by 10am. Our bulk bags are available for delivery to customers living in and around Essex.

Get in touch with the friendly and professional team at Neil Sullivan & Sons to find out more or order your bulk bags online now.