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The Benefits of Using Concrete Pumping Services

When done in the old-fashioned way with wheelbarrows and shovels, laying concrete can be a laborious, time-consuming, wasteful and even haphazard business. 

Of course, with very small jobs, those tools may still be the most practical and cost-effective way of going about it. But in most cases, making use of concrete pumping services will make everything faster and more efficient, giving you a better chance of completing your project to schedule, within budget and to a high standard.

Concrete Driveway

If you’re still not sure whether a concrete pump will enable your project to meet all those desirable outcomes, here are four top benefits of using concrete pumping services.

To save time and labour

Getting your ready-mix concrete from truck to pour site can take anything from quite a bit to quite a lot of both time and effort, depending on how far it has to go. 

Moving it in wheelbarrows is likely to need the assistance of numerous helpers – on a professional construction site, those people could usually be better employed doing something more constructive, or may even need to be recruited and paid specially for the job. On a domestic job, you’re unlikely to have that extra manpower available and will probably have to do it all yourself. 

A concrete pump could have your fresh concrete poured where it’s needed in a matter of minutes.

To reduce wastage

Transporting concrete in wheelbarrows across a busy site full of obstacles and trip hazards is almost certainly going to result in the occasional spill. Then there are the times you’re relying on your team to get the concrete from truck to wheelbarrow and from wheelbarrow to pour site without further loss. 

Our volumetric concrete service means that you’re only paying for the concrete you use, so each spill could be costing you money. 

A concrete pump almost entirely removes this risk of wasted concrete, meaning that you’re getting the best possible value out of each delivery.

To ensure more accurate delivery

When you’re tipping or shovelling concrete out of a wheelbarrow, it’s hard to maintain the level of control needed to ensure a successfully completed outcome. 

A concrete pump can deliver the mix at a rate that ensures you’re fully in control and in a way that you can direct it effectively to fill even the most distant parts of the pour site smoothly and efficiently. 

As well as having your concrete poured far quicker and more accurately than you would be able to manage by hand, you’ll also save time that would otherwise have been spent clearing up and correcting mistakes afterwards.

To access hard-to-reach locations

With some pours, using traditional methods is slow and inconvenient. With others, it’s just about impossible!

Getting concrete safely to upper floors; negotiating it up, over and around large obstacles; and transporting it to locations well away from the nearest point the delivery truck can actually get to. These are all significant problems you wouldn’t want to face without the benefit of a concrete pump to help you.

Neil Sullivan & Sons Working On-site pumping concrete

A concrete pump can make short work of even these difficult jobs, able to cover dozens of metres and wind its way around or over even the most challenging of obstacles. 


Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons, we’re not just committed to supplying high quality concrete mixed exactly to your specification and delivered where and when you need it. We also aim to help your project proceed more smoothly and with a minimum of waste and disruption. To do that, we bring years of industry experience, levels of customer service only a local family-run business can achieve, and the best tools designed to help, including concrete pumps

Whether you need ready-mix concrete, mixed-on-site concrete or even an emergency concrete delivery, call us today for more information and advice or place your order online now.