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Concrete Quality Control

For almost every material used in every process around the world, quality is crucial, and concrete is no different. Due to the purposes that concrete serves, it is absolutely vital that you use high-quality mixes – if your house or building is built upon poor foundations, you could be looking at more than inconvenience – the consequences could be dire. Here, the team at Neil Sullivan & Sons will give you the rundown of concrete quality control and why it’s so important.

Pouring from a concrete pump truck

How do you control the ‘quality’ of concrete?

Unlike a t shirt, a car or a television, for example, where quality is determined by appearance, function and fit, to name a few parameters, concrete is defined by its strength and durability. If these elements are lacking, then the reliability of your concrete will be heavily compromised. There are several factors taken into account in the quality control of concrete, including:

  • The mechanical properties of the reinforcements used
  • The properties of the cement used
  • The mixing of the concrete
  • Control of the vibration and compaction of concrete
  • Control of the addition of water
  • Transportation of concrete
  • Pouring of concrete
  • Slumping of concrete
  • Control of the addition and mixing of aggregates into a concrete batch

These are some of the main checks and controls that are carried out on a concrete batch. It’s crucial that all of these are done meticulously, as failure in any aspect of the concrete can cause issues on a much wider scale.

When ordering concrete from a concrete supplier, confidence in the quality of the material is vital, and it can always pay to check with them regarding their testing and quality control services.

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