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How Polish & Dye Can Transform a Concrete Floor

Polish or dye can take a concrete floor to the next level, making it a style statement for any hotel, home, business, office, or showroom. Not only that, but polished concrete is becoming a popular choice to add a touch of elegance to flooring without relying on coatings or wax. All you need is the right equipment and the right know-how; in this article, we explore why you should get this sleek, unique look for your home or business using polishing, dying and engraving. 

What is Polished Concrete? 

How Polish & Dye Can Transform a Concrete Floor

The process of concrete polishing is simple and involves adding chemical densifiers to the concrete which fills in the cracks, holes, and pores to create a smooth finish. You can also choose how much of a sheen you want. Whether you want a highly-reflective finish or just a subtle shine, polishing tools will grind down on the concrete until it achieves exactly the right finish that you’re searching for. 

For certain applications, colour is not needed and the polished floor can be left as it is. This is especially true of warehouse floors that may experience lots of dirt and grime or showrooms where a coloured floor may distract from showcasing the items for sale. 

Add a Splash of Colour 

Once you’ve polished up concrete, you can enjoy the new shine or you can personalise it with dye. Coloured dyes for concrete are available in a wider range of colours compared to stains, and this includes RAL. Dyes offer a vibrant appearance and can be easily used in partnership with polish to create a finish that really works.

Maybe your hotel or company wants the floors that give a nod to your brand colours? Or perhaps you want to complement your interior design? Dyed concrete floors allow you to bring that extra special touch that will draw the eye and awe visitors. 

Make a pattern

Cracks in a concrete floor

Perhaps you want to display your company logo on the floor of a hotel or warehouse? Or maybe you want to customize your interiors to impress visitors? Either way, scoring or engraving a pattern is an ideal way to add an extra dimension to your concrete, and to create a colourful floor that is unique to your home or business. Patterns can be bold, geometric, intricate, or artistic, thanks to the versatility of the concrete scoring and dying technique. Rather than being transferred onto the concrete, the patterns are etched into the floor for extra longevity. 

Benefits of polished and dyed concrete floors

Known for its strength and durability, it’s easy to see why concrete comes out on top as a preferred flooring material. However, it’s not known for being visually-appealing – that’s where polish and dye can help. 

  • Just adding this simple finish can transform a concrete floor from a nondescript feature into an eye-catching focal point of your interior design. 
  • Elevates the professional look of your business, whether that’s a restaurant, hotel, office, showroom or shop, and gives your floor a sleek appearance. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • A non-slip choice despite its smooth appearance 
  • A versatile range of looks can be achieved thanks to the variety of dyes available 
  • Highly resistant to foot traffic and has a longer lifespan than many other floor materials 

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