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What is AGG SMART?

AGG SMART is a cloud-based shipping system, specifically designed and developed for companies in the concrete and aggregate sectors. It was created to assist business owners in the sector with the management of almost every administrative task, including customer enquiries, quotes, invoicing, job planning and delivery tracking.

How does AGG SMART work?

AGG SMART works using an easy to use but detailed interface that means business owners, managers and staff can manage all tasks within the program, as well as maintaining a comprehensive overview of all aspects of a business. It removes the need to use valuable time and resources completing administrative tasks, which means that these resources can be better used on more pressing matters. All data is backed up, so businesses don’t have to worry about losing it, and night-before emails ensure schedules are always available to hand if there’s ever an issue connecting to the server.

How does using AGG SMART benefit our customers?

One of the main benefits of AGG SMART is how it significantly reduces the risk of human error. It takes care of the bulk of our administrative workload through automated quotations and reporting, which means there’s little chance of a mistake when it comes to invoicing and reporting for our services, as well as delivering the concrete to our customers.

Its credit card pre-authorisation feature allows for maximum efficiency when it comes to job payments, and the live customer text messaging feature means you’ll be updated in real-time as our job progresses. Speaking of job progress: AGG SMART features optional TomTom integration, so job details can be sent directly to trucks, complete with delivery address, with live status updates and complete fleet location tracking.

AGG SMART boasts myriad features that make things easier for us, and thus make things more straightforward for our clients, too. The mutual benefits of this system are obvious, and the continuous development of AGG SMART means that there’ll be more to come, increasing the efficiency of concrete deliveries and helping concrete companies to manage their workloads even more easily.

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